a heavy 808 and catchy melodies is what i wanted to bring with this track. As requested by the viewers, what was initially a beat I made in this youtube video turned into ‘Big bag’. self produced, written & recorded. click here, select your platform and add this one to a playlist!


Recorded at the legendary Astro Studios in atlanta, "Catch a vibe" is officially my first feature of 2018. Recording Engineer Cameron Cartee contacted me through my youtube channel and sent me the track with just Christians vocals on it. A few weeks later I was in Atlanta recording the song with them and you can watch the behind the scenes footage here!


I had the incredible opportunity to do a track with sonny digital, an artist widely known for his production of songs such as 'Birthday song' by 2 chainz & kanye west, 'tuesday' by ilovemakonnen & drake and countless other hits. 'Pull up' is a really important track for me not only because it's my first song working with an industry artist, but because I was able to challenge the conventional idea that producers should only produce with one of the most notable producers in the game. You can also check out 'Pull Up' here.


Self written and produced, "Goldfish" originated from one of my YouTube videos where you can watch me make the whole song from start to finish. After having so many requests to release the full track, it became the very first single I've ever distributed. To date, it has pulled in hundreds of thousands of plays across all platforms. You can also listen to it here.


"Last One" is the Second featured track I've done. When it comes to collaborating with other artists, I think it's important for those involved to really have an appreciation and understanding of each others craft. Art will happen naturally that way as it should. Produced by Drokaveli, both he and Lil bird really set the vibe for this one.


"For The record" has a really cool backstory. i actually went to high school with lina (vocalist for the noux) but we never really crossed paths until this song happened about 6 years after i graduated. Long story short, a mutual friend played her a bunch of tracks with a few different artists he was working with at the time, one of which was me. without knowing it was me, she picked my track out of all of them and told him she wanted to work with me. one big "holy shit we went to high school together!" later, this song was made. I like to think it was meant to happen.