Pat Ryan - Drum Kit Vol. 1

Pat Ryan - Drum Kit Vol. 1


Volume 1 is made up of some of my favorite go-to drum sounds as well as original samples and percussion loops I created exclusively for this kit. With a total of 109 sounds and samples, you’ll find drums and 808s that I used to create my single ‘Goldfish’ as well as many of the sounds you can hear throughout my production catalogue.

If you’ve been looking for a drum kit that will take your own production to the next level, Volume 1 is a must have for your library of sounds.

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Pat Ryan - Drum Kit Vol. 1 contains:

(11) Percussion Samples

(11) Sound Effects - SFX

(11) 808s

(11) Kicks

(12) Snares

(14) Claps

(29) Open/Closed Hi Hats & Crashes

(10) Samples/Drum Loops

DROK produced the above beat using drum sounds only from the kit as well as one of the original samples I've included in the pack.

Check out more content from DROK on Instagram at @drokbeats as well as on his website.